Is Free-To-Play Strategy Worthy of Your Time? – 10 “Empire” Games Try to Make the Case.

You’re desperate to plough through hour-upon-hour into a free-to-play mobile strategy game. How on Earth do you choose between the frankly bewildering array of incredibly similar looking titles? And are any of them really worth the time and effort required to succeed? The answers to these questions are elusive and […]

Making the Best Use of Your PS3 in the PS4 Era

The PS3 has served a long tenure as a brilliant gaming console. Released in 2006, Sony’s gaming device has sold millions of units worldwide and has entertained gamers with hundreds–if not thousands–of excellent games. Now that the PS4 is out, the PS3 is collecting dust. However, it would […]

Don’t Buy a New Computer; Give Your Old One a Spring Cleaning.

You may not need to buy a new personal computer. You may only need to give your old one a spring cleaning. If you periodically take certain steps, you can make your computer run more smoothly, efficiently and faster. You should start by backing up any files you […]